Welcome to Zeta
Zeta Technologies with leading collaborations, highly qualified engineers, human resource and professional management is an IT/Telecom, Security and Surveillance solutions Provider Company with a focus on providing quality, high-end network infrastructures for both home and commercial purposes. We are trained in leading-edge technology and are available to work with virtually any network, anywhere, anytime. Zeta Technologies have achieved excellence in providing business class and cutting edge services due to vast experience in successfully handling large scale projects. 
Zeta has set a vision to become a premier solutions provider company offering world leadership in digital solutions for the networked society - a society transformed by personalized solutions, speaking the identical digital language where everyone is able to communicate.
  • Telecom Services
    Zeta Telecom Services Department has a proven track record of providing radio network design and performance management services. Zeta provides these services for various technologies such as WCDMA (3G), CDMA2000 (1XRTT, 3XRTT), GSM, GPRS, EDGE, TDMA, and GSM-R.
  • IT Services
    Our IT Services include providing high quality, time bound, cost effective and wide range of networking services. We help in developing effective solutions for your entire IT needs. Our complete range of solution is capable of increasing our client’s profits and decreasing their costs.
  • Security & Surveillance
    Zeta Technologies is pleased to offer solutions which will enable the customers to take advantage of wide range of security and surveillance services. Zeta Technologies provides the users with the best possible solution with a cutting edge technology which can cater for their needs and requirements, which will ultimately allow users to carry on their tasks with highest sense and satisfaction, and peace of mind.
  • O&M/Support
    Zeta Technologies with its Professional Hi-Tech Support Team stand behind our Hi Tech Solutions & products. It is our goal to provide reliable, robust solutions & products to our customers in order to meet their Hi-Tech needs.
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