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Understanding and Preventing SMS Spoofing

Understanding and Preventing SMS Spoofing

Ensuring message security is critical in today’s digital age of instant communication. One emerging threat in this area is SMS spoofing, but what exactly is SMS spoofing, and how can individuals safeguard themselves against it? SMS spoofing is a technique used by malicious actors to manipulate the sender’s information in a text message. Essentially, it […]

Transform Your Business Communication with Zeta Tech’s Wholesale Voice Services

Zeta Tech's Wholesale Voice Services

In today’s globalized world, efficient and affordable communication is crucial for business prosperity. Wholesale voice services play a key role in achieving this goal. By allowing businesses to purchase large quantities of voice minutes at lower rates than traditional phone services, wholesale voice brings significant cost savings, particularly for companies with high call volumes. Zeta […]

Upgrade Your Domestic A2P Messaging with Zeta Technologies

Domestic A2P Messaging

Mobile network operators, regulators and aggregators are always looking for ways to improve their services in the telecommunications industry. One vital aspect often overlooked in managing mobile networks is efficiently handling the flow of domestic traffic, especially application-to-person (A2P) traffic. Managing the growth of this traffic is complex and presents challenges for MNOs in categorizing […]

From SIM to eSIM:Can MNOs Survive the eSIM Revolution?

Transitioning to eSIM

When we talk about mobile connectivity, a significant technological shift has emerged in the form of embedded SIMs known as eSIM. This tiny chip ensures smooth connectivity, convenience, and a look into the future. Though, for MNOs sticking to the physical SIM, eSIM doesn’t just offer an opportunity but also serves as a reality check. […]